Easiest way to take a screenshot in Windows 10

Easiest way to take a screenshot in Windows 10 without installing anything or using multiple steps.

Just 1 step and screenshot will be taken automatically.

Press below keys at same time to take screenshot automatically.


By default you will get option to select the area which you want to capture.

Alternatively you can

  • Freeform snip
  • Select only the window
  • Select fullscreen
  • Or cancel using X

By default it will capture and show a notification in notification area, from where you can either save or discard the capture in Snip & Sketch

Pro Tip:

Since you would be using this a lot on your PC in work Environment. Disable the notification for Snip & sketch so that captured image remains in clipboard only without any distraction in form of notification.

Turn of notifications for Snip & sketch for seamless focus while working.

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