Use ventoy in manjaro to create bootable fedora USB

Wanted to give fedora a try, My primary OS is manjaro, so this guide was written while on manjaro.

Step 1 – Download Ventoy

Download ventoy from official website :

It would get redirected to github though, :

Step 2 – Install Ventoy : GUI

Unzip the zipped archive and untar it :

gunzip ventoy-1.0.93-linux.tar.gz
tar -tvf ventoy-1.0.93-linux.tar

Run below commands to run the GUI for ventoy:

Hit the URL mentioned in the output of above command :

– Click on Install to install ventoy in the USB Drive: Double check that you are installing in the correct intended drive, You could reformat your whole PC & loose all date if wrong drive is selected.

After Installation :

Now you can download and place the fedora image in the anywhere in the USB drive :

Once Done, Reboot the PC, and ensure while booting up USB drive gets slected for boot in BIOS, if it is not happening change the boot priorities in BIOS , so that BIOS checks USB first for the boot.

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