Take remote GUI of Solaris or Linux Machine with Free and Open Source xMing

This is a frequent requirement when you want to run some program which has a GUI on remote Linux machine , you will get an error because it can’t display the GUI window on your ssh terminal

You will get this error :

Error: Can't open display:


To use a GUI program on a remote terminal you need to redirect that GUI data from remote terminal to local PC, for which you need to have a Xserver running at your PC from where you are connecting.

Lets use a simple utility called xming to act as a xserver on your PC, Download & install it from here :

Install it & run it, it will start running in the background, u can check the status in taskbar

Open Putty session & Load the session first then Go to Connection->SSH->X11 : Enable the checkbox for X11 forwarding & in location put “localhost:0.0”


Now start the session again and run the GUI program, you should be able to see the window:

eg, xclock:


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