How to set max thread count on Weblogic10.3.0 or later [ID 1388000.1]

You can set “max-threads-constraint” to limit max thread count. This setting limits the number of concurrent threads executing requests from the constrained work set. The default is unlimited.

You can set “min-threads-constraint” to limit min thread count. This setting guarantees the number of threads the server will allocate to affected requests to avoid deadlocks. The default is zero.

Setting Steps:

1.Login WLS Admin console
2.Admin console\<domain-name>\Environment\Work Managers click [New] button.
3.On “Maximum Threads Constraint” page, select “Maximum Threads Constraint” option, and then click [Next] button.
4.Input Name and count(this is the max limit value), and then click [Next] button.
5.Set deployment targets,and then click [Finish] button.

The Default Work Manager

To handle thread management and perform self-tuning, WebLogic Server implements a default Work Manager. This Work Manager is used by an application when no other Work Managers are specified in the application’s deployment descriptors.

In many situations, the default Work Manager may be sufficient for most application requirements. WebLogic Server’s thread-handling algorithms assign each application its own fair share by default. Applications are given equal priority for threads and are prevented from monopolizing them.

Overriding the Default Work Manager

You can override the behavior of the default Work Manager by creating and configuring a global Work Manager called default. This allows you to control the default thread-handling behavior of WebLogic Server.


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