FAQ: WebLogic JMS File Store [ID 1307241.1]

How Do You Read JMS File Store .DAT file?

Usually, the JMS file store created will be with .DAT extension and is not in human readable format. You will have to use the weblogic.store.Admin utility to extract the content of file store into an XML file to read it. Follow these steps:

  • Run the setDomainEnv.sh script.
  • Go to the directory of the JMS File Store location and type this command to display the store admin prompt.
java weblogic.store.Admin
  • Once logged into the WebLogic store admin prompt, use this command to open the JMS File store.
openfile -store <JMSFileStoreName>
  • Once file store is open use the next command to dump the content of the file store. This command will dump the output of file store into specified <filename>.xml file in location from where you launched store admin utility.
dump -store <JMSFileStoreName> -out <filename> -conn -deep
  • Close the file store.
close -store <JMSFileStoreName>
  • Run the quit command to exit from store admin utility.

Is There a Way to Check Which Messages Were Processed and Which Messages are Still Persisted and Yet to be Processed in a JMS File Store?


JMS persisted messages will be cleaned up from file store once the persisted messages are picked up. Therefore, if you use the store admin commands to dump the store to an XML file, it will only show those messages which have not been processed.

Will the JMS File Store Keep Growing in Size Indefinitely, and not Shrink in Size when Messages are Processed?


The JMS file store continues to grow over a period of time. It automatically re-uses space freed by deleted records and expands only when there is insufficient internal space for new records.

The JMS file store size itself will never shrink in size. You can either use the compact command to shrink the JMS file store manually, or you can use the “-Dweblogic.store.MaxFileSize” setting in the startup to limit the size of JMS file store.

How to compact the JMS FileStore

java weblogic.store.Admin compact -dir </>	
java weblogic.store.Admin
compact -dir /weblogic_domain/FileStore



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