Configuring Node Manager As A Daemon Process on UNIX/Linux for Autostartup

If you are using Weblogic in production it is no brainer to start services manually to recover a server/crash or reboot

In this example we are going to setup nodemanager as a startup service, so that nodemanager comes up automatically after physical reboot of a Unix/Linux Server:

Login to server using Root or involve SA to work on this:

create a nodemanager init script under /etc/inid.d named nminit

Update the script to include below lines:

# chkconfig: 345 99 5
# description: start wls node manager

Configure variables as per your Environment, refer Screenshot of sample script below:


Run below command to add the script in Runlevels:

# chkconfig –add nminit

Verify if same is configured now in runlevel:

# chkconfig --list | grep -i nm


PS : – in case need to delete NM daemon process later due to some reason use below:

# chkconfig –del nminit



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