AWS Storage aka S3 Overview


S3 – Object based storage (Photos,videos e.g)

0- 5TB file size

unlimited storage

Files are stored in buckets – (equivalent to folder)

S3 is universal namespace, i.e names are unique

-Key – name of object

-value – data

-version id


-subresources –

    • ACL
    • Torrent
  • S3 – 99.99 availability, 99.99999999999 % durability, stored redundantlycan sstain 2 site failure
  • S3 – IA – Infrequent access 99.9 availabilty, lower fees than s3 but charged retriveal fee
  • Reduced redundancy storage – 99.99 durability & 99.99 availability
  • Glacier – Very cheap, used for archival takes 3-5 hours to restore from glacier

S3 Charges:

  • Storage
  • Requests
  • Storage Mgt Pricing
  • Data transfer pricing
  • Transfer acceleation
Read S3 FAQ Before exam:

S3 – versioning

– stores all version even if u delete the same

– once enabled versioning can’t be disabled, only be suspended

integrate with lifecycle rules

S3 – Cross Region Replication:

– versioning should be enabled on both buckets

  • old objects before enabling cross replication will not be replicated
  • New objects will only be replicated
  • if u update old version it will replicate all version
  • permissions are replicated
  • Regions must be unique
  • delete markers are replicated – kind of invisible cloak, objects still there
  • deleting individual versions or delete markers will not be replicated – u need to delete those manually

It appears the Cross-Region Replication in Amazon S3 cannot be chained. Therefore, it cannot be used to replicate from Bucket A to Bucket B to Bucket C.

An alternative would be to use the AWS Command-Line Interface (CLI) to synchronise between buckets, eg:

aws s3 sync s3://bucket1 s3://bucket2 
aws s3 sync s3://bucket1 s3://bucket3

The sync command only copies new and changed files. Data is transferred directly between the Amazon S3 buckets, even if they are in different regions — no data is downloaded/uploaded to your own computer.

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