Common Issues & Troubleshooting in Weblogic

Common Issues & Troubleshooting in Weblogic
1 – OOM issues Young Generation : It is place where lived for short period and divided into two spaces: Eden Space : When object created using new keyword memory allocated on this space.   Survivor Space : This is the pool which contains objects which have survived after java garbage collection from Eden space. ...

Running a Command on Multiple servers using Free Fanout Utility

Fanout is a nifty tool for sysadmins to quickly run a set of commands on multiple servers: It runs non-interactive commands (like dd, cat, adduser, uname -a, etc.) and pipelines built of these. The output is collected into a single display that can be viewed by less or redirected to a file

Take remote GUI of Solaris or Linux Machine with Free and Open Source xMing

Take remote GUI of Solaris or Linux Machine with Free and Open Source xMing
This is a frequent requirement when you want to run some program which has a GUI on remote Linux machine , you will get an error because it can’t display the GUI window on your ssh terminal

Redirection in Unix/Linux

Redirection is a very important concept in Unix, it is quite helpful when you setup cron or schedule the scripts, it helps you in redirection output from std device like screen to some file which can be beneficial if script is running in the background without user interference. Any person can later check the output ...

Finding High mount point greater than threshold in single command

You can use below command to find a mount point whose usage is greater than threshold value Example below we have 1st filed as mount point name, & 4th field is used percent, df -k Filesystem 1024-blocks Free %Used Iused %Iused Mounted on /dev/hd4 131072 6624 95% 6871 75% / /dev/hd2 2195456 135588 94% 47519 ...

Heartbleed Bug affecting Weblogic websphere apache & other middleware application / web servers ?

So we all are hearing various news about Heartbleed Bug, so let’s see which of our middleware application servers are affected by this: Here is an brief review of the Bug -CVE-2014-0160: “OpenSSL could allow a remote attacker to obtain sensitive information, caused by an error in the TLS/DTLS heartbeat functionality. An attacker could exploit ...

Find which process is using a particular Port (AIX, Linux, Windows)

AIX Command 1. lsof -i :<port number> – This command must be run as root. lsof executable is available here. AIX Example Let’s set SVCENAME to 50000, so that the listener will use this port. $ db2 update dbm cfg using svcename 50000 $ db2start Then, use the command above to check if the ...

Excluding some files in present directory to while creating tar

In Below Example Excluding zip files in a particular directory

How to check if Solaris is 64 Bit or Not

Oracle Solaris 64 bit —  /usr/bin/isainfo -kv JDK – 64 Bit truss -t exec /weblogic/bea/jdk160_05/bin/java -version truss -t exec /weblogic/bea/jdk160_05/bin/java  -d64 -version — this checks for 64 bit version

Create SSH Trust Connection Between Servers To Connect Without Password?

1. Generate a public and private key pair on the machine from where you want to login to other machines. For SSH1: # ssh-keygen -t rsa1 For SSH2 (Recommended): # ssh-keygen -t dsa   You will be prompted for a file in which the key and a passphrase will be saved. You may press Enter through each of these ...