Downloading & configuring Oracle VM in VirtualBox

1 – Download VirtualBox from below link: 2 – Download Tuxedo Virtualbox Disk image(VDI) for Tuxedo from below link OR & look for Tuxedo Web Application Server Demo VM Uncompress the 7zip archive and you will get below file, OEL Tux Web Demo.vdi You can download many other appliances as well from below link: […]

Downloading & Installing latest/ Genuine Windows 10 Creator’s update for free on any PC

Yes, you can use Original & latest windows 10 for free without much limitations,  No Cracks, No Viruses, Download is from official Microsoft Site. It is recommended to do a clean install with this ISO, Below are the steps: 1 – Download the latest ISO from below link: It is authentic link & the download […]

Running Middleware apps with non-root user on privileged ports < 1024 on Solaris

In Solaris 9 and above, non root users can open ports < 1024 with the below command: # su – # /usr/sbin/usermod -K defaultpriv=basic,net_privaddr <userId> Also this needs to be run once by root user, after this user will be able to bind to any available port & there will be no restriction