How To Encrypt Clear Text Passwords for a WebLogic Server [ID 941804.1]

How to encrypt clear text password for use within a WebLogic Server config.xml directory Questions and Answers Please note, that this article applies only to WebLogic Server versions 9.0 and later. Using clear text passwords in the configuration files are supported only for a development domain. In a production domain, WebLogic Server encrypts all the […]

Is There a JDBC Connection Pool Limit Set or Enforced in WebLogic Server (WLS)? [ID 1292587.1]

There are no such limit for the number of data sources in a single WLS domain. WLS also imposes no practical limit to the number of connections. From a practical perspective, the number of connections will typically be limited by what the DBMS can tolerate/provide. The only practical WebLogic limits will involve JVM memory, which […]

JDBC Connection Pool Setup In WebLogic To Handle Database Server Restarts [ID 887199.1]

Quite often, WebLogic JDBC connection pools are not setup correctly and when the assocaited DB Server is re-started, this causes Applications hosted in WebLogic to become unavailable and huge log files created with endless errors, due to invalid JDBC connections Solution The root cause of this problem is that WebLogic JDBC connections to the Database Server […]

What is the T3 Protocol in WebLogic Server (WLS)? [ID 887300.1]

T3 is Oracle WebLogic Server’s proprietary RMI protocol. Basically, t3 protocol is a protocol that sits on top of Java RMI. There is some documentation available. RMI communications in WebLogic Server use the T3 protocol to transport data between WebLogic Server and other Java programs, including clients and other WebLogic Server instances. If you need […]

Setting WebLogic Server (WLS) Node Manager as “Plain” Type and Setting the Secure Listener to “False” [ID 879832.1]

Goal Would it pose a risk to our environment if we configured Node Manager as the “plain” type and set the SecureListener to “false”? Solution Administration Console users do not need to explicitly provide credentials to connect to Node Manager — the Node Manager username and password are available in the domain configuration and are […]

Enabling stdout logging when running WebLogic Server as a Windows service [ID 858746.1]

  Navigate to the domain directory.   Run the below command to uninstall the existing Windows services.   uninstallService.cmd “ServiceName” Output will be as: C:\BEA\WLS10\user_projects\domains\wls10_domain1>uninstallService.cmd “beasvcwls10_domain1_AdminServer” C:\BEA\WLS10\user_projects\domains\wls10_domain1>echo off Stopping beasvc wls10_domain1_AdminServer. beasvc wls10_domain1_AdminServer stopped. beasvc wls10_domain1_AdminServer removed. Open “installService.cmd” file from your domain directory and make the below change for JAVA_OPTIONS. set JAVA_OPTIONS=-Dweblogic.Stdout=”C:\std.out” -Dweblogic.Stderr=”C:\std.err” Once […]

Starting a Managed Server in MSI mode When Its Administration Server Is Down Can Take a Very Long Time [ID 859568.1]

Symptoms When running a WLP application and starting the managed server in MSI mode it takes a very long time for the server to start due to the large number of attempted LDAP connections to the administration server. Cause Starting a managed server in MSI mode when its administration server is down could take a […]