JDBC Connection Pool Setup In WebLogic To Handle Database Server Restarts [ID 887199.1]

Quite often, WebLogic JDBC connection pools are not setup correctly and when the assocaited DB Server is re-started, this causes Applications hosted in WebLogic to become unavailable and huge log files created with endless errors, due to invalid JDBC connections


The root cause of this problem is that WebLogic JDBC connections to the Database Server become invalid and applications still try to use these invalid JDBC connections. In order to let WebLogic drop these invalid JDBC connections, you need to set up JDBC connections using the following settings:

1. In WebLogic Console, find the JDBC connections pool, click “Connection Pool”
2. Click “Advanced”
3. Click “Lock and Edit”
4. Make the following changes (choose “Option a” or “Option b”, not both)
Option a
Check “Test Connections On Reserve”
Option b
Test Frequency: 120
Test Table Name: dual
Seconds to Trust an Idle Pool Connection: 0
5. Click Save and “Activate Changes”

The change will make WebLogic test JDBC connections before it hands them over to the application. If you find there is a significant Database Server performance degradation due to this change, you should use “Option b”.



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