Starting a Managed Server in MSI mode When Its Administration Server Is Down Can Take a Very Long Time [ID 859568.1]


When running a WLP application and starting the managed server in MSI mode it takes a very long time for the server to start due to the large number of attempted LDAP connections to the administration server.


Starting a managed server in MSI mode when its administration server is down could take a long time. This is because the managed server LDAP attempts to write each policy of each application being deployed at startup to the administration server LDAP. A new connection to the administration server is attempted for each policy write whereas if the administration server were running the initial connection would be used for the subsequent policy writes. This is exacerbated in the WLP usecase where hundreds of policies are involved. With the server starting in MSI mode it is not necessary to write the policies of previously deployed applications to the administration server.


This is a known bug : Functionality has been added to disable connecting to the master LDAP server when in MSI mode in patch


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