PowerShell in Azure with example to create a VM

  • Install Latest powershell from Microsoft website
  • On PowerShell CLI
  • Check Version
    • $PSVersionTable.PSVersion
  • Get-InstalledModule -Name Az -AllVersions | select Name,Version
  • Connect to account
    • Connect-AzAccount – it will prompt to enter code in URL to have you logged in CLI.

  • Change SubscriptionĀ 
    • Get-AzSubscription
    • Change to another oneĀ 
      • $context = Get-AzSubscription -SubscriptionID xxxxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-8c74-xxxxxxx
      • Set-AzContext $context

Creating a VM In powershell

  • Get-AzResourceGroup - list of existing ResourceGroups
  • New-AzResourceGroup -Name resGRP0405 -Location EastUS
  • New-AzVM -ResourceGroupName "resGRP0405" -Name "vm0405" -Location "EastUS" -VirtualNetworkName "vnet0405" -SubnetName "default" -SecurityGroupName "secGRP0405" -PublicIpAddressName "myipaddr" -OpenPorts 80,443,3389
  • It will ask for a password for the VM which you want to set, provide the same.
  • Stop-AzVM -ResourceGroupName "resGRP0405" -Name "vm0405"
  • Start-AzVM -ResourceGroupName "resGRP0405" -Name "vm0405"

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