Increase JMS Adapter Connection Pool in Weblogic

Download jms-xa-adp.rar from Unix machine, unrar it then edit the Weblogic-ra.xml and change as follows:


 Once done create a rar again using following commands and upload to following directory:

Considering you have weblogic installed

  • Run scripts to set java path
  • C:\>cd jms-xa-adp
  • C:\jms-xa-adp>jar -cvf jms-xa-adp.rar META-INF jmsadapter.jar


After this perform following tasks

1) down all managed servers

2) stop deployment – “jms-xa-adp”

3) take lock and update jms-xa-adp deployment

4) start it once active

5) restart admin

6) start the managed servers and see the outbound connection pool in the monitoring tab of jms-xa-adp adapter



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