Get Additional Statistics of Sun One Web Server

The perfdump utility is a Server Application Function (SAF) built into Sun ONE Web Server that collects various pieces of performance data from the Web Server internal statistics and displays them in ASCII text. The perfdump utility allows you to monitor a greater variety of statistics than those available through the Server Manager.

With perfdump, the statistics are unified. Rather than monitoring a single process, statistics are multiplied by the number of processes, which gives you a more accurate view of the server as a whole.

Installing the perfdump Utility

To install perfdump, make the following modifications in obj.conf:

  1. Add the following object to your obj.conf file after the default object:

<Object name=”perf”>
Service fn=”service-dump”

  1. Add the following to the default object:

NameTrans fn=assign-name from=”/.perf” name=”perf”

Make sure that the .perf NameTrans directive is specified before the document-root NameTrans directive in the default object.

  1. If not already activated, activate stats-xml.

For more information, see “Activating Statistics.”

  1. Restart your server software.
  2. Access perfdump by entering this URL:

http://yourhost/.perf (managed server’s port and IP)

You can request the perfdump statistics and specify how frequently (in seconds) the browser should automatically refresh. The following example sets the refresh to every 5 seconds:



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