Find Weblogic Server Processes on Unix/Linux

How to find the running process / services for all or specific weblogic server instances (admin / managed) – On Sun Solaris platform :-

The regular command

#> ps –ef is used for finding the process but it does not help in finding the Weblogic process / services..


Use this command : for capturing specific or detailed weblogic processes information.


#> /usr/ucb/ps –auxwww | grep admin-server-name

#> /usr/ucb/ps –auxwww | grep managed-server-name


Also if there are multiple managed servers with same name prefixed with some other text

for ex.. managedserver, managedserver1, managedserver2, use single quotes to enclose the server name..


Note: Give a space at the end of the command before closing the single quotes.

This gives all processes with the name enclosed..


ex : /usr/ucb/ps –auxwww | grep ‘managed-server-name ‘


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