Decrypt Weblogic Console Password using wlst

If you have forgotten the console password or any other password for the domain, you can use below wlst commands to decrypt the passwords

1 – Note down below two values:

  • Domain Location
  • Encrypted password which you want to decrypt

2 – Invoke wlst & run below commands:

domain = "<domain_path>"
service =
encryption =
print encryption.decrypt("<encrypted_password>")

Example for my local VM on 12c:

wls:/offline> domain ="/home/weblogic/Oracle/Middleware/Oracle_Home/user_projects/domains/train_domain/"
wls:/offline> service =
wls:/offline> encryption =
print encryption.decrypt("{AES}CFbYgsg8ktBwkzi0llxCYrC3wLN6qDCaOJHfEyOL47w")

PS : I had to remove a trailing “\” from the encrypted password in last

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