4 Different ways to install & use Python for hands On practice

If you are new to learning python, you maybe looking on ways to use and install Python for hands on Practice:

You can use below tools to Quick Start your Python learning journey

1 – Online: replit.com

replit.com is easy to use and quick online Python interpreter which you start using right away, and trust me it is the best for beginners:

  • You can write .py files and run those and see the output in embedded console
  • You can run commands in Shell, for interactive python commands.

2 – jupyterLab/Notebooks

Jupyter Lab is latest Web based interactive Development setup to practice python

Best part is you can easily execute only the block instead of whole program which helps in easy debug execution, you can download it on your PC and try in your browser as well:



Download to PC:


3 – IDE : VS Code Or PyCharm

VS Code is latest offering from Microsoft and most people prefer it now due to ease of Use and vast array of extensions

You can use it as all-in-one IDE for your day to day work, This is my preferred choice of IDE for personal projects



PyCharm is also a good alternative, But you can only do python in the Open Source/Community Version, professional edition is offered as trial, So it is up to you if you want to use PyCharm, I would still recommend VS Code due to it being a swiss knife in current environment.


4 – CLI

Just download the python package as per your operating System and start learning python


Once installed, Enter interactive prompt by executing python

python.exe (Windows) Or python (Linux)

Write your program in editor of your choice and save the file, execute below command to run your program

So these are few Free and easy to Use tools which can help you in jumpstarting your python learning.

python <path_of_file>Helloworld.exe

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