Failover in two separate weblogic clusters in apache config

Got through a post here : The person wants to add two separate cluster URLs in apache as follows: <Location /service> WebLogicCluster,,, SetHandler weblogic-handler </Location> If done it will have following consequences: Requests will follow session stickiness for each member in cluster On failure it will assume that any other member in cluster […]

Check High CPU issue in weblogic

====================================================== FIND HIGH CPU INFORMATION IN JAVA PROCESS Oracle_Support: Unexpected High CPU Usage with WebLogic Server (WLS) Support Pattern [ID 779349.1] ======================================================== prstat -a prstat -L -p 26217 1 1 > prstat_out.out prstat -L -p 20750 1 1 PID USERNAME SIZE RSS STATE PRI NICE TIME CPU PROCESS/LWPID 14255 weblogic 5949M 5842M run 11 0 […]