How to Start a WebLogic 10.3.x Domain AdminServer Without Interactively Supplying the Username / Password? [ID 980292.1]

1. Navigate to the current Weblogic Domain Admin Server directory – for example a typical location is MW_HOME /user_projects/domains/<Domain_Name>/server/AdminServer/

How To Reduce Or Shrink The Size Of A WebLogic Server JMS FileStore? [ID 843527.1]

The WebLogic JMS File Store cannot be shrunk or decreased in size in any way. There are two primary ways of dealing with this issue

Maximum Heap Size For A Weblogic Server Process Running on a 64-bit JVM [ID 846267.1]

64-bit platforms are not physically limited by the pointer size, and the process size can grow to the supported limit. The limit is therefore equal to the amount of memory installed.

Oracle WebLogic Server Support Pattern: Troubleshooting Out of Memory and Memory Leak Problems [ID 877172.1]

Out Of Memory (OOM): An Out of Memory error occurs due to memory exhaustion, either in java heap or native memory. In the JVM, OOM errors are thrown when the JVM cannot allocate an object because it is out of heap memory, and no more heap memory could be made available by the garbage collector.

An Explanation Of Restrictions Limiting The Java Max Heap (-Xmx) To Around 1500M For 32bit JDK’s On Microsoft Windows [ID 557813.1]

Although the maximum amount of physical memory that can be addressed by a 32 bit address bus is 4Gb,  this space has to include the program code and some data structures required by the operating system (such as the stack space), shared libraries and any variables they define. Such considerations limit how much of the ...

How To Choose The Correct WebLogic Server (WLS) Installer [ID 1058925.1]

You can download generic installer to install weblogic using same installer on various supported platforms, u will need to provide the jdk location while installion in this method.

Weblogic Proxy logs show the IP address of the user. What does this mean? [ID 876654.1]

Weblogic Proxy logs show an IP address of the user. for example:   Hdrs to WLS:[WL-Proxy-Client-IP]=[]

How To Encrypt Clear Text Passwords for a WebLogic Server [ID 941804.1]

How to encrypt clear text password for use within a WebLogic Server config.xml directory Questions and Answers Please note, that this article applies only to WebLogic Server versions 9.0 and later. Using clear text passwords in the configuration files are supported only for a development domain. In a production domain, WebLogic Server encrypts all the ...

Is There a JDBC Connection Pool Limit Set or Enforced in WebLogic Server (WLS)? [ID 1292587.1]

There are no such limit for the number of data sources in a single WLS domain. WLS also imposes no practical limit to the number of connections. From a practical perspective, the number of connections will typically be limited by what the DBMS can tolerate/provide. The only practical WebLogic limits will involve JVM memory, which ...

WebLogic Server: 32-bit Installation versus 64-bit Installation [ID 1297686.1]

Can we run WLS 32-bit with a 64-bit JDK? We do not recommend this because when you install WLS in 32-bit mode, 64-bit native libraries are not installed. Also, the scripts installed during 32-bit mode WLS installation will default and point to 32-bit libraries. This applies the other way around as well to WLS 64-bit ...