Patch Installation in Weblogic Server


Increase JMS Adapter Connection Pool in Weblogic

Download jms-xa-adp.rar from Unix machine, unrar it then edit the Weblogic-ra.xml and change as follows:

Configure Oracle HTTP Server infront of Oracle WebLogic Server


How To Change Type of JDK (Sun / JRockit) for FMW 11g Domain [ID 1058804.1]

OPTION 1: Switch JDK for all the servers in all domains under this Middleware home

Find Weblogic Server Processes on Unix/Linux

How to find the running process / services for all or specific weblogic server instances (admin / managed) – On Sun Solaris platform :-

Solaris System Administration Commands

Common Solaris commands 

Excluding some files in present directory to while creating tar

In Below Example Excluding zip files in a particular directory

Upgrade/Downgrade Oracle Jrockit in Unix/Linux

#########Pre Checks: check your product certification matrix to confirm if your installation type supports the desired version of the JDK.

How to check if Solaris is 64 Bit or Not

Oracle Solaris 64 bit —  /usr/bin/isainfo -kv JDK – 64 Bit truss -t exec /weblogic/bea/jdk160_05/bin/java -version truss -t exec /weblogic/bea/jdk160_05/bin/java  -d64 -version — this checks for 64 bit version

How to Migrate a WebLogic Domain from a 32 to a 64 bit JVM/Architecture? [ID 1306004.1]

Steps to Migrate a WebLogic Domain from a 32 to a 64 bit JVM/Architecture