Find which process is using a particular Port (AIX, Linux, Windows)

AIX Command 1. lsof -i :<port number> – This command must be run as root. lsof executable is available here. AIX Example Let’s set SVCENAME to 50000, so that the listener will use this port. $ db2 update dbm cfg using svcename 50000 $ db2start Then, use the command above to check if the ...

Weblogic Application Server versions and difference between Weblogic 10g & 11g & 12c

Weblogic Application Server Versions:

Installing Jboss in linux and starting it in Standalone Mode. 1

Installing Jboss in linux and starting it in Standalone Mode.
1) Download the latest jboss version  i.e jboss 7.1.1 Final from the below link to your linux machine. Download Page: or use belo command to get it through the terminal. #wget 2) Change to root and Unzip the download file by using the unzip comand to get /opt/jboss-as-7.1.1.Final/ #unzip /opt This ends the jboss installation ...

Patch Installation in Weblogic Server


Increase JMS Adapter Connection Pool in Weblogic

Download jms-xa-adp.rar from Unix machine, unrar it then edit the Weblogic-ra.xml and change as follows:

Configure Oracle HTTP Server infront of Oracle WebLogic Server


How To Change Type of JDK (Sun / JRockit) for FMW 11g Domain [ID 1058804.1]

OPTION 1: Switch JDK for all the servers in all domains under this Middleware home

Find Weblogic Server Processes on Unix/Linux

How to find the running process / services for all or specific weblogic server instances (admin / managed) – On Sun Solaris platform :-

Solaris System Administration Commands

Common Solaris commands 

Excluding some files in present directory to while creating tar

In Below Example Excluding zip files in a particular directory